Screen Interface Design
The UI & UX is also a big focus on this project.

Top Screen
Unique design makes it fun to use and easy to access.

Camera Info & Settings
With simple icons, it is easy to access to camera information and settings.
Interact with social media
This is one of the very important features I designed, it makes sharing moments easier than ever.
UX Demo
Here is an example of posting a photo to Instagram on YIDO.
Posting photos and videos through the camera without transferring to computers or phones.
Bottom Screen
This screen mainly controls all the settings for filming and photo taking.
It is more an information screen that carries all the settings users need to know.
Around the screen, there are six physical buttons. 
The reason is that these are the most common settings for photo taking and video shooting, 
so the users can access them without looking at the screen and access them easier under the bad weather like a rainy day.
Switch Screen
This feature makes screen usage more flexible. 
It also make it easier for users taking photos or recording videos at a tricky angle.
Interact with smartphone
The camera can also connect to the smartphone and other smart devices.
It allows wireless control and file transfer.

UX Demo

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